NTN Entertainment Network Signs new Advertisers

Networks North Inc. in Toronto said its subsidiary, NTN Interactive Network Inc., successfully concluded agreements with a variety of first-time advertisers on its NTN Entertainment Network.

NTN Interactive Network said it broadened its services to network advertising customers. New advertisers include Brita; AMJ Campbell, which will sponsor the network’s Olympic Trivia Challenge to
leverage AMJ’s relationship with the Canadian Olympic Association (COA); Armor
All, which will sponsor a promotional contest on NTN’s prime time program
“Sports IQ;” and Budweiser, which will be the exclusive sponsor of QB1, NTN’s
flagship product, offering over $50,000 in prizes.

Cross promotions also are being sold, as NTN will have a “live site” at
Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition. This is a cross-promotion between
Exhibition Place, Q107, and Molson Canadian Rocks, the firm stated.

The NTN Entertainment Network is currently available in over 525 locations
across Canada, with over 3 million monthly participants and viewers. NTN
Interactive distributes programming online and to more than 15 million
interactive TV participants per month at restaurants, sports bars, and other
group viewing locations throughout North America.

“Some of these agreements open new doors for Networks North,” said Peter Rona,
president and CEO of Networks North. “Market research, for instance, is
something that we are well-positioned to do–we can provide added value for
our advertisers. The breadth of advertisers also indicates the strength of
NTN’s growing appeal.”

NTN Interactive Network is the exclusive Canadian licensee of NTN Communications Inc.

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