Stormcrow Studios to Offer Banner Campaign Management

Stormcrow Studios, a production company and animation studio, said it will begin providing full-service media buying and banner ad campaign management.

The company’s founders said they believe they are filling a need for companies that simply don’t have the time to manage an online advertising campaign effectively. “The planning involved in launching and maintaining a successful banner ad campaign on the Internet, whether it be to build traffic to a Web
site or to establish an online brand, is a full-time job,” said Gerald Talifero, director of business development for Stormcrow Studios.

Stormcrow Studios President Jinjee Garrick said services will include masterminding clients’ advertising campaigns, identifying demographics and target markets, researching best sites on the Web to advertise on, negotiating and buying banner inventory, creating banners, and monitoring and analyzing statistics daily, with the focus of bringing clients qualified traffic for the best possible price.

Stormcrow also provides traditional media buying for print, TV, and radio advertising and has an in-house production studio for the production of print ads, TV commercials and interactive CD-ROMs. Clients include The Texas Lottery, Z Auction, The US Visa Processing Center, PJ Milligan’s, COR
Healthcare Resources, and Archer Decision Sciences.

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