Warp 10 Technologies Partners with [email protected]

Warp 10 Technologies Inc. said it has
partnered with [email protected] to provide content and
services to [email protected]’s newly launched business service, @Work.com.

Warp 10 will provide content from its web sites Portfolios.com, adsGallery.com and MediaLot.com for @Work.com, as well as
Warp 10’s co-branded Advertising and Marketing channel.

arrangements were not disclosed.

Warp 10 will be @Work.com’s preferred supplier for online services including
creative portfolio management, project management, and outsourced digital
asset management.

Business professionals using Work.com’s search utility will
benefit from Warp 10’s content when seeking information and resources on
advertising, marketing, design and other related areas.

“Warp 10 shares our vision and commitment to the online business-to-business
community. That, coupled with their superior content in the advertising and
marketing areas, made them the obvious choice as a partner”, said Don
Hutchinson, senior vice president and general manager of the @Work division
at [email protected]

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