ADIC Introduces New Storage Networking Libraries

Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC), a supplier of open system storage solutions, announced mid-range and data-center class tape libraries.

ADIC said that integrated storage network technology and the new ADIC Management Console give the new Scalar 100 and Scalar 1000 libraries fully integrated data path conditioning, SAN security, data movement, and multiple fabric support.

“This is the first time anyone has built management utilities into tape libraries designed specifically to make them provide better support for backup operations in a storage network,” said Bill Britts, ADIC Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “These new capabilities provide clear technical differentiation for ADIC libraries, and they vividly demonstrate the value provided when we combine technical expertise in storage networking and storage devices within a single company. The news is even better for IT departments. These new solutions make it easier and faster to install libraries in SANs, make the entire storage system more secure, and actually increase its overall performance and reliability.”

According to ADIC, other storage network support features provided by the Scalar libraries include a built-in SAN firewall that prevents unauthorized access to data in the library, and dual path support that allows the libraries to support two Fibre Channel fabrics at the same time, for redundancy, security, and performance advantages. Support today is provided for 1 and 2 Gb Fibre Channel fabric or arbitrated loop storage networks, with integrated support for iSCSI storage networks planned for 2002.

The Scalar 100 is a scalable mid-range, rack optimized tape library that supports from 1 to 8 tape drives and from 15 to 96 data cartridges, depending on the configuration and technology selected. Available with LTO, S/DLT, and AIT technologies, the Scalar 100 holds up to 14.4 terabytes of data in only 14 rack units.

The company said the Scalar 1000 is a scalable tape library. It includes what the company calls barrier-free expansion and supports from 1 to 48 drives, and from 118 to 1182 tapes; supported technology includes LTO, S/DLT, AIT and 3590 in single or mixed configurations.

Scalar 100 and Scalar 1000 storage networking libraries are available now through ADIC channel partners with suggested retail pricing beginning at $28,700.

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