EMC Offers Clustered Data Deduplication

Data deduplication is a popular concept these days as more firms realize they are making multiple copies of the same files, but with many large corporations strewn across multiple physical locations, global dedupe has been a bit of a challenge. Well, EMC, the biggest gun in enterprise storage, has a fix for that. Enterprise Storage Forum has the details.

EMC (NYSE: EMC) has taken a step toward allowing deduplication across its Data Domain appliances with the new EMC Data Domain Global Deduplication Array (GDA).

GDA offers inline global deduplication and a global namespace for all data stored across two high-end DD880 controllers. EMC claims throughput of up to 12.8 terabytes per hour, 270 concurrent backup jobs and 14.2 petabytes of logical backup capacity for the new system.

The lack of clustering ability has long been cited by Data Domain’s rivals, but EMC Data Domain product marketing director Shane Jackson said Data Domain’s CPU-centric architecture made dual controllers unnecessary.

“Dual controller didn’t buy you that much if the single system was getting bigger and faster anyway,” said Jackson.

Read the full story at Enterprise Storage Forum:

EMC Clusters Data Domain Deduplication Appliances

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