JNI Controller to be Integrated into SAN Gateways

Storage area network (SAN) product manufacturer JNI(R) Corporation today announced its Emerald(TM) JNIC-1460 application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) controller will power the second generation of Fibre Channel over TCP/IP (FCIP) SAN interconnect gateway devices to be deployed by ADVA Optical Networking later this year under the DiskLink family of intelligent SAN gateways.

The JNIC-1460, designated the Emerald IV, JNI claims, is the industry’s first 2GB Fibre Channel ASIC controller released to production. ADVA’s current DiskLink range provides unlimited extension for SCSI and Fibre Channel storage devices over both local and wide area networks using ATM and Gigabit Ethernet, allowing organizations to transparently access information in secure, remote locations. ADVA is utilizing the hardware and firmware features of JNIC-1460 for its second generation of products to enable long-haul connectivity of SANs through existing wide-area network (WAN) infrastructure. Employing ADVA SAN Interconnect Gateway products will allow operations such as Disk Mirroring between storage systems to be performed transparently over long distances.

“We have worked very closely with JNI to define an innovative interface that takes advantage of unique hardware features of the JNIC-1460 controller to fit it into our next generation long haul SAN devices,” said Doug Berry, director of Engineering at ADVA Optical Networking’s Cambridge, UK R & D facility. “We are extremely pleased with the features and capabilities of JNI’s ASIC technology.”

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