SAN Valley Systems Launches Partner Program

SAN Valley Systems this week launched its Bandwidth Partner Program, which teams storage solution providers and managed bandwidth providers to supply pre-qualified, end-to-end Storage Area Network (SAN) connectivity. Yipes Communications joins as the founding member of SAN Valley’s Bandwidth Partner Program.

SAN Valley said its Bandwidth Partner Program simplifies and streamlines the decision-making process for integrators, resellers and enterprises that can gain from a managed bandwidth connection for IP storage area networking.

According to the company, the Bandwidth Partner Program enables customers to quickly and effectively assess which provider most closely matches their needs in terms of geographic availability, bandwidth, service levels, cost and other facets of the IP-SAN network. Bandwidth Partners can expand their sales base to a targeted set of customers, while customers benefit from choosing from a pre-qualified set of vendors. Bandwidth Partner networks are pre-selected for service characteristics such as latency, packet loss and availability consistent with the needs of customer-specific storage applications.

“We are excited to be a part of this innovative program,” said Rex Fisher, senior vice president of sales at Yipes. “The Bandwidth Partner Program allows storage solution providers to focus on what they do best, while leveraging our expertise in providing reliable, low-latency, gigabit Ethernet connectivity between enterprise locations. By pre-testing solutions, vendors are taking the initiative and creating a series of options that simplify SAN connectivity for the customer.”

Yipes said its optical Ethernet services provide an unmatched combination of speed, affordability and flexibility, offering coverage in 21 top U.S. markets.

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