StorageProvider to Showcase Enterprise Messaging

Storage management company StorageProvider, Inc. today announced it would join over fifty other storage networking vendors to showcase storage networking solutions for enterprise messaging at the Storage Networking World (SNW), currently being held in Palm Desert, California.

“The SNW Interoperability Lab and Demo enables customers to view how storage networking equipment and applications from multiple vendors can work together in an enterprise environment,” said Tom Clark, Director of Technical Marketing for Nishan Systems and co-chair of the SNIA Interoperability Committee.

StorageProvider is leading the Storage Service Provider (SSP) demo, which will showcase the role of the SSP to provide customers with solid, secure, flexible storage management services and a consistent model for accessing information.

Seven sub-themes at the SNW Interoperability Demo include scalable SAN backup, data storage utility/SSP, education/experts, emerging technologies, high volume applications, SAN Internetworking, and storage Network management.

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