Syncsort Updates Backup Express

Syncsort, Inc.this week announced that the latest version of its Backup Express software offers enhanced Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP), Windows 2000, and Exchange 2000 support, as well as support for new tape technologies and libraries.

According to Synsoft, version 2.1.4 of Backup Express expands NDMP for network attached storage (NAS) support by adding new data flow paths and reducing restore times. Backup Express also now supports Direct Access Restore (DAR) through NDMP. The latest release of Backup Express has also extended its support of Windows 2000 to include support for backup and restore of system state variable, open files, system tables, file security and single instance storage (SIS).

Exchange 2000 functionality integrated in Version 2.1.4 include both database level and folder level support, as well as individual folder and message restore support, making it possible to restore only a few E-mails without restoring the entire folder or system.

In addition to support for Linear Tape-Open (LTO) format and ADIC’s AML (Advanced Media Library) series of libraries, Backup Express updated tape library graphical interface allows users to manage their libraries, import and export tapes, label and move tapes via drag-and-drop.

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