Corio Sets Up Technology Division

In a move that makes a clear distinction between its application service provider (ASP) services and Research and Development (R&D) investment, Corio, Inc. , the San Carlos, Calif.-based enterprise ASP, today announced the formation of a new division, Corio Technologies.

The focus of the new division, to be headed by Parmeet Chaddha as Senior Vice President, will be to develop and deploy technology solutions that will enhance Corio’s core application management services.

The firm will reallocate about ten percent of its 300-strong workforce to produce application management technologies that support of Corio’s customers. The firm aims to commercialize the enhanced product over the course of the next year.

According to Chaddha, the team will be working on both customer and internal facing elements of Corio’s technology, which will mean enhancements for Corio’s clients’ customers, and developments underneath the application that improve the integration of Corio’s existing management capabilities for internal users.

This, he says, will allow Corio to better deliver its service and ultimately give its customers power.

“The overall focus of the application that our technology division is developing, will not only to put a face on Corio’s application management successes but blur the boundaries between Corio and its customers, by giving them more control of the environment that we manage for them,” explains Chaddha.

Looking ahead in the enterprise ASP market, Chaddha believes there will be better demarcation between the value proposition that firms like Corio have, versus that of more traditional outsourcing firms:

“Really what we are trying to enable is not so much of an outsourcing business model but really bringing best practices that our customers can leverage, while still maintaining a level of control,” he says.

“The physical location of the assets and resources that we manage on our customers’ behalf is immaterial. What’s more important is that we bring a level of experience that they can leverage in a cost-effective manner.”

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