80211Hotspots.com Finds Public Access Points

Users of WLAN capable laptops and PDAs, whether on the road or just out for
coffee, want constant wireless Internet access. In an effort to make it easier
to find the ever growing number of public wireless Internet connection points,
or "hot spots," INT Media Group has launched 80211Hotspots.com, a sister site of 80211

The directory of 1400 public access points around the United States is searchable
by state or city — it’s even broken down by airport (many of which feature
wireless access in terminals).

"Professionals and consumers have needed an up-to-the-minute listing of
hot spots throughout the United States and INT Media Group has filled this void,"
said Alan M. Meckler, Chairman and CEO of INT Media Group.

80211Hotspots displays the location of the access point, the address where
you can access it, and the provider. The list is comprised of public, for-pay
access points that work with HereUare,
Boingo Wireless, T-Mobile Wireless Broadband (formerly
MobileStar), and Wayport, as well as some
free public access sites, all under one search. Use of a listed hot spot may
require a paid account with a provider.

Because the providers are adding hot spots all the time, the list at 80211Hostpots.com
is growing on an almost daily basis. Users can submit new hot spots at the site.

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