Java Gmail Alights on Mobile Devices

Google upgraded its Gmail product for mobile devices today,
turning the Web-only application into one users can cache on their devices.

Sure, you can still access Gmail on a Web page. But the search giant claims the mobile new application will be up to five times faster to access and use, thanks to automatic pre-fetching of messages. The company also claims the application’s use requires fewer clicks,
scrolling, and keystrokes.

Google said attachments, including files and photos, are now viewable and automatically resized to fit the user’s phone. Users can download the new Gmail for mobile devices at

Gmail for mobile devices can also be downloaded from Sprint PCS
VisionSM or Sprint Power VisionSM home pages.

Google’s new mobile application isn’t compatible with all Web-
enabled mobile devices. It only works with J2ME-enabled smartpphones that support rich multimedia, messaging, and Web services.

While the smartphone market grew 70 percent in 2005, overall adoption remains low compared to phones with fewer features.

On average, consumers tend to download only one new application for their devices after their purchase.

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