3M Offers Web Stickies

3M this week announced
Post-it Software Notes for Internet Designers, Professional Version,
featuring the ability to add animation and sound to notes, and even
personalize the notes for individual site visitors.

Post-it Software Notes for Internet Designers, Professional Version
enables developers and marketers to “stick” a digital Post-it Note on their
Web sites. Visitors can then drag the note off the Web page to their
computer desktop. Once the note is on the desktop, it serves as a link back
to the site.

By using AVI files, The Professional Version enables developers to
incorporate animation and sound into their Post-it Software Notes. This
allows them to create “play” and “stop” buttons that enables the visitor to
control the animation.

This new release of Post-it Software Notes also has the capacity to
generate notes specifically for each visitor. One use for this would be
when a visitor purchases a product from a Web site. Instead of referring
the visitor to a separate page that contains order information and customer
service number, all of the details can be placed on a Post-it Software
Note. In order to view Post-it Software Notes on a Web site, visitors much
install a browser plug-in.

A free 30-day demo is available for both the Standard and Professional
Versions, and may be downloaded from the 3M
Post-it Software Notes
page. The Professional Version sells for a
retail price of $300 per Web site, while the standard version is $99 per
Web site.

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