Chicago Map Corp. Helps Your Visitors Find Their Way

Chicago Map Corporation this week
introduced a new mapping service to the Web community that can generate a
map for almost any location within the United States.

The new service, MapMania,
will enable Web developers to create a map for directions to their office
building, or a residence for a party or conference accurately, quickly, and
easily at the new Web site, free of charge.

Almost every street and water feature in the U.S. is covered at MapMania,
and can be used for creating highly detailed maps of rural and metropolitan
areas. The zoom
level may be changed from a general overview all the way down to a local
neighborhood; users may pan or recenter an image before they print it, and
they may run a search based on address, city, state, or zip code.

Users are encouraged to add MapMania maps to their own Web sites. By adding
a few lines of HTML code, anyone can add the MapMania street-level search
engine onto their Web site. Maps are instantly generated at the Chicago Map
Corporation’s computer center, without using the resources of your Web
server or ISP.

Chicago Map Corporation is the creator of many mapping utilities, including
Precision Mapping for Microsoft Windows. For more information on MapMania
or the Chicago Map Corporation, visit the company’s Web site.

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