Chili!Soft’ Debuts Active Server Pages for Apache

Chili!Soft’ Inc.
this week announced support for the Apache Web Server. By utilizing the
Chili!ASP’ application server, Web developers can deploy ASP applications
on Apache Web servers running on Microsoft Windows NT and Sun Solaris.

Apache is still the leading Web server on the Internet, is used for both
non-profit and commercial Web sites, and has gained significant market
share, largely based on its scalability, speed and accessibility.

ASP (Active Server Pages) combines mature, proven technologies which allow
the developer to serve fast, flexible and scalable applications. By
combining script with server objects in both COM and Java, ASP is said to
enhance the productivity of developers, speeds the time to market, and
provides business solutions which integrate the Web application with legacy
databases and applications. Chili!ASP allows ASP-based applications to work
across multiple Web servers and/or operating systems.

The beta version of Chili!ASP for Microsoft Windows NT is scheduled to
become available for download in late October, 1998, with the Solaris
version available in late November, 1998, and commercial versions due for
release in December. For additional information, visit the Chili!Soft’ Inc.
Web site.

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