Elemental Drums Up New Beat

Elemental Software today announced the release of Drumbeat 2.0, a tool that enables developers–even those without programming knowledge–to create Web sites that feature real-time database integration in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Elemental said Drumbeat is used to develop database-driven Web applications that can serve customers, streamline business transactions, and help employees work more efficiently.

The tool can be utilized to design and create Web sites that search and update databases–in real-time–and generate custom Web pages on-the-fly.

Using Drumbeat, designers can pull together interactive sites that feature multimedia effects designed specifically for the user’s particular Web browser. Best of all, the tool requires no programming or coding, so even beginners can create such sites.

Breakthrough features of Drumbeat 2.0 include:

  • SmartElements: Users position SmartElements specifically where they want
    them to appear in the visitor’s browser. Drumbeat generates browser-smart code that positions them in the user’s browser.
  • DataForm Wizard: Drumbeat DataForm Wizard generates pages that search,
    update, insert and delete records in ODBC-accessible databases.
  • SmartPages: The use of SmartPages enables developers to build sites that
    automatically adapt to a visitor’s browser.

Drumbeat 2.0 is available now at a retail price of $699 per user. During the
month of June, a $75 discount is being offered.

For more information, or to download a 30-day free trial version of Drumbeat 2.0, visit the Elemental Web site.

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