FutureTense Releases Advanced Net Publishing System

FutureTense Inc. this week released
the latest version of its Internet Publishing System (IPS).

IPS is designed to allow developers to control the whole range of Web site
production, including the design, development, management, and delivery of
content. The product is geared toward larger Web sites, online newspapers,
and magazines.

FutureTense designed the Internet Publishing System to be a scalable,
integrated system that works well by collaborating with all members of
the publishing team.

The IPS provides developers with a unique front-end design tool that
enables them to design and create sites without manually coding them. The
newest version of the Internet Publishing System includes the following

  • A fully scalable environment that allows members of the production team
    to work collaboratively on projects
  • Project revision tracking and controlled user access
  • Content that can be delivered from wherever it resides
  • Functionality that separates the content from the format, making the
    updating of styles instantaneous
  • Elimination of the repetitious chore of programming templates

The FutureTense Internet Publishing System includes two major components:
the Designer and the Project Management System. The Designer is IPS’s
graphically oriented publishing tool that users implement to design
templates and manage projects, whereas the IPS Project Management System
allows for template and project revision tracking.

The Project Management System includes a Revision Tracking Database that
enables users to check in, check out, lock templates, and track template

For more information on the IPS, visit the FutureTense Web site or call

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