IBM Unleashes Streaming Media Product

IBM unveiled HotMedia 3.0,
which incorporates streaming video and 3D imaging.

The product enables interactive and
visually stimulating effects, resulting in longer stays on the Web site,
increased business and significant cost savings, according to Dr. Armando Garcia, vice president IBM Content Management Solutions.

The product is a rich media solution based in Java technology with a single
file output. It incorporates streaming video and audio, 3D imaging,
synchronized audio, panoramas, multi-track animations and more in one
authoring environment, requiring no special servers or plug ins and is
available at no charge.

Additionally, transactional capabilities allow users to
initiate transactions within the HotMedia object. Customers can stay on the
Web site of their choice without having to go to another page to close a

The HotMedia player is broken into tiny applets (typically 10 Kbytes in
size), which are delivered to the user on an as-needed basis. This patented
“Smart Content” technology requires no plug-ins or special server
requirements. The new 3D functionality in HotMedia 3.0 supports Virtual
Reality Modeling Language 2.0 (VRML), a widely accepted standard that
represent 3D objects, giving customers a true interactive 3D experience.

“Finding a niche in the ever-changing, competitive Internet marketplace is
becoming more of a challenge “said Matthew Herman, vice president, GoOnline
Networks.”HotMedia gives us a competitive advantage because it allows us to
bring our products to life.”

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