ICentral Releases ShopSite for SGI IRIX

ICentral, Inc. announced today it is shipping ShopSite v3.3 for the Silicon Graphics IRIX Web server.

Until now, ShopSite supported BSD, Linux, and Microsoft NT on the Intel
processor, and Solaris on the SPARC processor.

When the ShopSite software–which comes as a self-contained application–is
installed on the Web server, it utilizes 13 MB of disk. No extra software such as external databases is required to operate the software.

The database is integrated with the ShopSite application, whereas other UNIX-based electronic commerce applications require much more hard drive space (from 150-to-300 MB) on the server for all the required components.

This new version of ShopSite for the IRIX operating system environment is
still reasonably priced–the same as the other UNIX and NT versions, $495 for
ShopSite Manager and $1295 for ShopSite Pro. ShopSite software requires IRIX
v5.3 or higher.

ShopSite for IRIX may be purchased from a ShopSite authorized sales partner.
For a list of authorized partners, or additional information about Shopsite,
visit the ICentral Web site.

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