Imperial Upgrades Visaj 2.0 for Java

Imperial Software Technology this week announced the launch of Visaj 2.0, the newest version of its visual application builder for Java.

Visaj 2.0 was developed entirely with Java, and runs on all platforms, including UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 95 and the Apple Macintosh.

Visaj 2.0 includes a high level of support for Sun Microsystems Java
Foundation Class (JFC) Swing components, and includes a new rich set of layout editors, an image editor, graphical ‘hot-wiring’ of events and JavaBean serialization.

The tool provides a quick, intuitive “point-and-click” environment for
creating pure Java code, allowing developers to create truly platform-independent computing solutions. Visaj 2.0 runs anywhere, supports JDK 1.1.x, JFC/Swing components, integrates visible and invisible beans, and supports IDEs such as Sun’s Java Workshop.

New features of Visaj 2.0 include:

  • Extensive Support for JFC/Swing–automatically load and access the entire set of Swing components, or load Swing as the default Visaj palette
  • Swing Box Layout Editor–allows more complex layouts to be visually
  • Advanced Image Editor–implemented entirely using Swing and can read and
    write both JPEG and GIF formats
  • Graphical Event ‘Hot-Wiring’–configuring events by drawing a line
    the source and destination components in the Visaj containment hierarchy to
    invoke an event-binding wizard
  • Bridging from Motif GUIs–programmers using IST’s X-Designer Motif GUI
    builder have the ability to import interface designs.

Visaj 2.0 Standard starts at $495, and Visaj ProPack 2.0 starts at $995 and
includes a year of e-mail support, fixes, downloadable point releases and major upgrades.

For additional information about Visaj 2.0, visit the Imperial Software Technology Web site.

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