Instantiations Says JOVE Gets Java Up To Speed

Instantiations, Inc. this week released a series of benchmarks for its new JOVE Java compiler technology that reportedly boosts Java’s performance by up to 15 times compared to competitive technologies.

The JOVE Java compiler was designed by Instantiations to solve Java performance and deployment problems in large or complex applications. Instantiations said that JOVE generates the world’s most highly optimized Java code.

JOVE is an optimizing native compiler that combines whole-program and object-oriented optimization techniques with a high performance, scaleable runtime environment. Instantiations describes JOVE as a “Super Optimizing Deployment Environment.”

JOVE supports any standard Java development environment, including JDE’s from Microsoft, Sun, Inprise, IBM. The program uses its high performance runtime system to optimize the Java class files that make up the developer’s Java applet or application.

For additional information about JOVE, visit the Instantiations, Inc. Web site.

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