Interwoven Adds LDAP Support and Visual Merge Tool to TeamSite 2.5

Interwoven, Inc. Wednesday released TeamSite 2.5, the latest version of its system for Enterprise Web Production.

The new release includes support for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) standard along with a new three-way visual merge tool, which allows the integration of content and applications for parallel Web development.

TeamSite 2.5’s new features add to the editing and file management capabilities for TeamSite developers, and has been tested with Web sites containing more than 500,000 files.

TeamSite 2.5 features a new source differencing and merge engine which enables developers to resolve the differences between two file versions and their common parent. Using Interwoven’s merge tool, developers can utilize TeamSites’s content staging and integration capabilities for parallel content
and application development.

This release of TeamSite 2.5 for Sun Solaris is LDAPv3 compliant, providing an easy mechanism for the administration of user accounts and authentication. System administrators are able to authenticate users against any LDAPv3-compliant directory server, local operating system or any externally maintained password file, ensuring consistency in user authorizations enterprise-wide.

Additional new features in this release include:

  • the ability to capture, categorize and version any set of extended attributes
  • the ability to perform all standard file-system operations, including copying, moving and renaming of files, using a Web browser
  • the ability to dynamically select a preferred editing application
  • automatically recognize users when they launch a session

Interwoven’s OpenDeploy 2.5 is now bundled with TeamSite 2.5, enabling 128-bit digital certificate SSL-based content encryption and deployment. OpenDeploy facilitates the secure movement of Web content from the development environment to the production server while supporting enterprise operational requirements.

TeamSite 2.5 is now available for Sun Solaris and the Microsoft Windows NT operating system. For additional information, visit the Interwoven Web site.

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