Mainstay Releases PageMover, DHTML Alternative

Mainstay announced at Spring Internet World in Los Angeles the release of PageMover, a family of Java applets that provide an alternative to DHTML.

PageMover provides developers with a method of using DHTML-like features on their Web pages without requiring users to have the latest DHTML-capable Web browser. The tool allows the use of DHTML-like control objects and interactive display “billboards” without requiring any programming or scripting. Button and imagemap controllers field messages to the billboards, enabling the developer to provide interactive text, graphics, animation, and multimedia effects.

The applets are generally very small and fast to download, with the majority of the applets weighing in at less than 10 KB. The applets may be customized using the Mainstay AppletSet’r, a point-and-click user interface that allows the developer to see the changes to the applet’s parameters as they are made.

PageMover retails for $149 and may be purchased from the Mainstay Web site.

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