MindQ Releases “Developer Training for Java”

MindQ Inc. today released Developer Training for Java, a modular tool that enables those learning the Java programming language to turn any desktop or network-connected computer into a learning environment.

The new series covers the introductory, intermediate and advanced aspects of Java programming. This includes language fundamentals, visual development tools, JavaBeans and component theory, the Java Development Kit, Class Libraries, security, user interface programming, JDBC, CORBA, and more.

Developer Training for Java features many modular courses in Java, including:

  • Overview of the Java Platform
  • Overview of Java Technology Tools
  • Java for C/C++ Programmers
  • Basic Java Language Syntax
  • Visual J++
  • Java Objects and Classes
  • Visual Cafi
  • Advanced Java Language, part 1
  • Advanced Java Language, part 2
  • AWT User Interface Programming
  • JDBC and Databases
  • Programming JavaBeans
  • Java Security
  • Java and CORBA
  • Networking in the Java Language

As a training tool, Developer Training for Java enables corporations to
quickly train application developers and software engineers in Java technologies. The “courseware” can also play a key role in helping programmers master the skills that are required to pass the Sun Microsystems’ Java Programmers Certification Exam.

MindQ’s Developer Training for Java course may be licensed for one year at a
price of $995 per developer. Two of the courses from Developer Training for
Java–Basic Java Language Syntax and Java–are available on the MindQ Web site for evaluation.

For more information on Developer Training for Java, visit the MindQ Web site.

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