NetMind Launches Enterprise Minder 2.0

NetMind today
announced the latest update to Enterprise Minder, NetMind’s corporate
change detection solution.

Enterprise Minder enables employees to remain up-to-date about changes in business and personal Web-based information. It is a server-side software solution that provides IT administrators with all the benefits of central administration, customized bandwidth utilization and data reporting capabilities.

Enterprise Minder also eliminates much of the normal overhead that is
usually required to scan specific Web pages for changes. According to
NetMind, Enterprise Minder can “cut bandwidth utilization by 25-50 percent.”

New Features to Enterprise Minder 2.0 Version 2.0 include:

  1. Differential Minder – Version 2.0 reports specific intranet text
    changes with each change notification, indicating exactly what information
    on a particular Web page has changed.
  2. Form Minder – Captures the end result of all the information employees
    have entered on a form, so the customized Web page can be automatically
    retrieved later.
  3. Number Minder – Users can monitor any numbers or combination of text
    and numbers, and will receive notification when these numbers cross certain
  4. NetMind List – Displays a Web-based, secure list of all pages a user is
  5. Flexible Sign up Process – Offers two ways to add information to
    monitor; Employees can be pre-registered by the IT administrator or
    one-click signup buttons can be added to any portion of the intranet.
  6. Keyword Minder – Users can also specify keywords and be notified if
    these words appear on a page. The significance of this is that users will
    only be notified about truly relevant changes that they have determined in
  7. Text Minder – Highlight a portion of the page to monitor.

For additional information about Enterprise Minder 2.0 and its
capabilities, visit the NetMind Web site.

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