NetObjects Unveils Authoring Server Suite 3.0

NetObjects, Inc.
today announced its NetObjects Authoring Server Suite 3.0, a new product
for controlled
collaboration on corporate Intranet sites.

NetObjects Authoring Server Suite, (NAS) builds upon NetObjects TeamFusion,
the company’s collaborative Web authoring product.

NAS provides a collaborative environment designed to integrate the three
groups of people most directly involved in building and maintaining corporate
intranets: the departmental content producer, the Intranet web team, and
the IS department. It includes an authoring server at its core, an
module, the NetObjects TeamFusion client and a Java-based content

Key new features include:

  • a FrontPage connector: enables end users to integrate their Office
    applications into the Intranet. It allows integration of legacy FrontPage
    pages, and enables users to continue to use their existing tool while taking
    advantage of the Authoring Server’s controlled environment.
  • an open and secure server that supports industry-standard databases and
    operating systems.
  • an integrated asset management and remote administration system that
    simplifies collaboration.
  • the integration of the NetObjects Fusion 3.0 authoring client to provide
    Web teams access to the latest technologies such as DHTML, e-commerce
    and databases to build e-business Web sites.

NetObjects Authoring Server Suite is available through a network of authorized
distributors and resellers as well as directly from NetObjects. The FrontPage
Connector will be available within 90 days. For more information, visit the
NetObjects Web site.

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