New Products Show Macs Still in the Web Game

Tenon Intersystems is
keeping the Mac faith on the Web with two announcements this week from

The first is WebTen 4.0, a new version of their high-performance
Apache-based Web server for MacOS X Server. WebTen 4.0 is downloadable
today for use with Rhapsody DR2 and will be available in the future on CD
for $495 when MacOS X Server ships.

WebTen 4.0 gives Macintosh users the features of Tenon’s WebTen 2.1 (for
MacOS), while taking advantage of MacOS X Server’s preemptive multitasking,
memory protection and advanced virtual memory.

Tenon also announced availability of Ch-ching!, an electronic commerce
solution product intended for small businesses that are looking to get on
the Web.

In combination with WebTen, multiple secure storefronts can be
supported on a single machine, with each storefront having its own SSL
certificate. Ch-ching storefronts can be configured to handle all shopping
cart functions outside of an SSL server and to handle payment transactions
within an SSL server.

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