O’Reilly Releases WebBoard 3.0 for Enterprises

O’Reilly & Associates this week
announced WebBoard 3.0, the “enterprise” or professional version of its
well-known live chat and forums software.

Many companies are finding chat and online forums are the
perfect tools to create dynamic communities that continue to draw visitors
to their Web sites.

By using the IRC-compliant ConferenceRoom Professional, WebBoard 3.0
enables up to 1,000 simultaneous users to chat in real time, providing instant
communication on intranets or the Web. ConferenceRoom Professional is a
WebMaster, Inc. product, and is also available as a standalone product for
a retail price of $495.

WebBoard 3.0 supports Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, the high-end relational
database capable of processing millions of transactions per day and
managing extremely large databases. WebBoard 3.0 will also continue to
support the Microsoft Access JET database for data storage and operation.

Another new feature of WebBoard 3.0 is the ability to post
messages to specific conferences and topics using the Simple Mail Transfer
Protocol (SMTP). The special SMTP server, which is included with WebBoard
3.0, enables this feature, and allows messages to be posted in digest,
nondigest, or zipped file formats.

Responding to the needs of administrators to view detailed log files
regarding their hits, WebBoard 3.0 writes HTTP requests to a log file on a
per-board basis using the Combined (NCSA/CERN) format. This feature also
enables administrators to download a compressed copy of the log using their
Web browser at any time.

O’Reilly is offering a free beta version of WebBoard 3.0 on their Web site.
The full release is expected to begin shipping in April 1998, with a
retail price of $699.

For more information, visit the O’Reilly Web site.

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