Rearden Technology Announces the Release of SiteZAP 3.0

Rearden Technology
Tuesday announced the release of SiteZAP 3.0, the latest software upgrade
for the WebCam solution. The upgrade enables an administrator to control
the camera’s zoom, angle and pan (ZAP) from any Web browser. This new
release also features Motion Detection, enhancements for dial-up users and
quick-start templates.

SiteZAP users can now preset their cameras to respond to motion in an area,
customize auto-tracking, alert administrators and more. Templates in
version 3.0 make the software easy to set up. Upgrades to this new version
are free to all current registered users.

SiteZAP’s hardware includes Sony’s new EVI-D30 Remote Control Pan, Tilt &
Zoom Camera, which features 12x zoom, six position presets, auto-focus,
motion-detection, auto-tracking and an infrared remote control. Also
included is 50 feet of video and control cable for camera positioning. The
SiteZAP software includes the SiteCam application, a Web server plug-in for
server integration, a scheduler application and two-way video conferencing

SiteZAP 3.0 supports up to six cameras on one Macintosh by using the
optional video switcher. Rearden has provided a live demonstration of
SiteCam which shows a live view
from San Francisco.

SiteZAP 3.0 retails for $1,995, with educational discounts available.

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