RPK Targets Java

RPK Security Tuesday released a high-speed Java version of its
Encryptonite Software Toolkit which allows developers to easily add
globally strong encryption to stand-alone Java applications or Web browser applets.

It also offers a platform-independent security solution that performs at
95% of the speed of native code versions. It is ideal for high-data-flow and
resource-limited applications like streaming media, secure music and video
delivery, videoconferencing, e-commerce and embedded applications.
“The RPK Encryptonite Software Toolkit for Java also solves the growing
problem of username/password management,” said Jack Oswald, president, RPK
Security. “The Java version supports a transparent Secure Easy Login(tm)
mechanism that simplifies the user experience, reduces fraud and increases
security for a merchant’s Web site, providing a simpler, faster, less
expensive, globally strong alternative to a username/password secured by
RPK’s Encryptonite Engine combines the benefits of public key encryption with
the speed of symmetric systems — in one algorithm. It solves the security
needs of streaming media applications, accommodating variable-sized, garbled,
lost or out-of-order packets without sacrificing performance or security.
Pricing starts at $695 per developer (development only). Deployment license
fees based upon application. The Toolkit is also available in ANSI standard
C/C++ for Win95/98/NT, HP/UX, Sun Solaris (C only) and Linux, Delphi 3.0/4.0
VCL for Win95/NT, DLL and ActiveX.

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