Scriptics Upgrades Tcl Scripting Language, Development Tool Suite

Scriptics Corp. this week announced significant upgrades of both the open source Tcl scripting language and the company’s TclPro development tool suite.

These upgrades enable Tcl users to handle enterprise-scale scripting requirements including enterprise application integration and application integration with the Internet.

Other new features include an extended I/O system known as TRS which delivers I/O compression and encryption, along with enhanced string manipulation performance. These new capabilities can “play an important role in helping corporations efficiently conduct business-to-business transactions over the Internet.” Tcl 8.2 is open source technology, and as such is freely available from the Scriptics Web site.

Scriptics’ commercial development tool suite, TclPro 1.3, includes many new features, and has been enhanced to work seamlessly with Tcl 8.2. These features include a Year 2000 compliance checker for Tcl scripts, and improved script debugging. The product also contains Scriptics’ first implementation work for TEA, the Tcl Extension Architecture.

TclPro 1.3 tool suite is now fully integrated the Tcl 8.2 core technology, and includes the TclPro Checker, TclPro Debugger, TclPro Wrapper and TclPro Compiler. The suite also provides users with commercial support for Tcl 8.2 and a range of integrated Tcl extensions.

The TclPro software development suite includes four tools:

  • TclPro Debugger – provides developers with sophisticated debugging facilities, including breakpoints, single-stepping, stack and variable display and variable-based breakpoints
  • TclPro Checker – scans Tcl scripts and automatically identifies a variety of potential problems
  • TclPro Wrapper – simplifies the process of distributing Tcl applications
  • TclPro Compiler – translates Tcl scripts into bytecode files that ISVs and corporate developers can distribute without providing access to the original source code

The TclPro tool suite is available for Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and SGI, and will soon be available from the Scriptics Web site.

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