Smart Site Provides QC and Traffic Analysis

Big Picture Technologies
announced its newest Web site
management tool, Smart Site 2.0.

Smart Site 2.0 uses a dynamic set of tools for Web site
scanning, mapping, reporting and usage analysis that is required to help
maintain a well balanced, error free and accessible Web site.

The distinctly
non-Windows interface gives users a graphical view of information to show the
structure, content and status of the site with a comprehensive, intuitive
layout. Smart Site 2.0 will ship in early November and will also be
available as an evaluation version from Big Picture
Technologies Inc.’s Web site.

Smart Site 2.0 can be employed to track
broken links, slow downloading pages, missing files, HTML errors and spelling
mistakes (including a multi-language spell checker). Accommodating differing
preferences, the mapping feature enables users to chart a site in either
spider, hierarchical, page or concentric views. The reporting function
delivers comprehensive, customizable reports in either HTML or text format,
adding even
more functionality and customizability.

Smart Site 2.0’s traffic analysis feature provides a way to examine
information about the usage and the potential effectiveness of a Web site.
With access to
the server log, this feature charts the traffic to a Web site and reports on
most and least accessed pages. Smart Site 2.0 also displays traffic
sourcing by demonstrating the amount of traffic generated by referring
links and
identifies each visitors browser type.

Site administrators can easily identify necessary
changes by using the reporting function, which may be customized to view
linked graphics, HTML and text formats, and page summaries with statistics.

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