Sybase Releases New Web Toolset

Sybase, Inc. ( Tuesday
released two new products: Enterprise Application Studio(TM) 2.0
(EAStudio) and Enterprise Application Server(TM) 2.0 (EAServer).

Enterprise Application Studio 2.0 is a complete toolset for building
enterprise applications and includes Enterprise Application Server, a
deployment platform for high-speed OLTP and data-driven Web applications.
Sybase also announced several new partners that have signed on to support
EAStudio and EAServer to extend their organization’s applications to the Web.

Separately, Sybase also announced a new program called the Sybase Developer
Network Technology Headstart Program. Under the program, Sybase offers
additional education and training courses centered around EAStudio and

Enterprise Application Server 2.0 is a new scalable deployment
platform that incorporates Sybase’s Jaguar CTS component transaction server
and Sybase’s PowerDynamo dynamic Web page server. It provides support for
most major components including Java/JavaBeans technology, CORBA, COM, and
C/C++, as well as for over 25 databases via ODBC, JDBC, Sybase Client-
Library and Sybase EnterpriseConnect family of data integration products.

Sybase’s Enterprise Application Studio 2.0 provides a complete
environment for development and deployment of mission- critical enterprise
Web and Java applications, enabling corporations to extend their businesses
and integrate their operations. EAStudio 2.0 integrates technology such as
PowerBuilder 6.5 for Web, distributed, and client/server enterprise
application development and deployment and PowerJ 2.5, which is their
Java-centered tool.

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