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Citrix Scales The Net With Purchase

Access infrastructure vendor Citrix Systems today announced its acquisition of San Jose-based NetScaler for $300 million in cash and stock.

The deal is expected to be completed in the third quarter this year.

NetScaler is a privately held firm that develops application networking acceleration products that are widely used among Fortune 500 customers, including Google, Amazon, E*Trade and EarthLink.

NetScaler claims that up to 75 percent of all Internet users go through a NetScaler system each day.

Citrix perceives poor response time as one of the issues plaguing e-commerce and service delivery over the Internet. The company aims to fix the issue with the NetScaler-enabled Citrix Access Platform.

NetScaler's product offerings will be folded into the Citrix Application Networking Group where they'll be used to strengthen the delivery capabilities of the Citrix Access Platform, including the Citrix Presentation Server.

"NetScaler extends our best access experience value for the entire range of Web-based applications, including enterprise, browser-based, XML Web services, and others," said Mark Templeton, president and CEO of Citrix, in a statement.

"With NetScaler accelerators, Citrix customers can significantly optimize their entire set of legacy, client/server, or three-tier applications delivered on our Presentation Server system."