Bank Of Ireland Chooses Baltimore Technologies for Internet Banking

Bank Of Ireland in Dublin chose Baltimore Technologies to provide a
security infrastructure for its new Internet banking service.

Bank of Ireland is a leading financial services group in Ireland with assets
of almost U.S. $54 billion and 14,500 staff members worldwide.

Bank Of Ireland’s Commercial Electronic Banking (CEB) system is being
developed to provide Internet banking services to business customers.

Within the CEB system, business customers will be able to use Web browsers to
access a wide range of account services. The security provided will ensure
that confidential financial information is not disclosed and an accurate,
reliable record of transactions is maintained, the firm said.

The bank is deploying a full Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system managed
through Baltimore’s UniCERT Certificate Authority to provide a secure and
trustworthy platform for the bank’s clients. Full strength (128-bit)
encryption is being used to provide confidentiality with the addition of
digital certificates to satisfy authentication and non-repudiation

“Our aim is to provide leading edge access to bank accounts and transactions for our business
customers,” said Maurice Chadwick, Bank of Ireland IT program manager. “Internet based banking offers excellent opportunities to our customers, but it can only be fully exploited if they trust us to provide a
secure service.”

“We chose Baltimore Technologies because of their advanced
systems for e-commerce security and the versatility of their product

Baltimore Technologies’ CEO Fran Rooney said the project is proof
of the concept that Public Key Infrastructure has become a business imperative
in banking and that international banks will continue to demand the strongest
possible security without restrictions on use.

“I believe that we have allowed Bank of Ireland to continue to be innovative and build its business with new
technologies that provide convenient, secure and cost effective services to
its customers.”

Baltimore Technologies products include solutions for PKI secure e-mail, Web
and e-commerce as well as a range of C and Java cryptography toolkits and
supplies and design and consultancy services to the IT security industry.
Baltimore’s headquarters are located in Dublin. U.S. headquarters are in
Boston, MA. The company was founded in 1976 and is privately held.

Baltimore Technologies operates the EUROTRUST Trusted Third Party (TTP)
infrastructure for electronic commerce throughout Europe in conjunction with
commercial and industry partners. EUROTRUST is operated on behalf of and
funded by the European Commission.

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