Can It B2B That the ISP is 4 Free?, a provider of free and anonymous Internet service, has formed a private label partnership with Inc, a locally operated B2B online exchange for small business buyers and sellers.

The deal enables Onvia to offer its own, fully branded, free Internet service to small businesses as part of a regional marketing campaign to help entrepreneurs get online.

The free internet offering, specially customized for Onvia by, will give select groups of small businesses free and anonymous internet access with no time limits, plus unlimited email accounts and round-the-clock technical support.

According to Onvia officials, this service will only be offered to a limited number of partner organizations in approximately 20 of the most wired cities, with Seattle at the top of the list.

Onvia’s free Internet service is designed to attract new small businesses, while acting as their “gateway” to the Internet.

During installation of Onvia’s free internet service, Onvia’s website address automatically loads as the member’s homepage, ensuring return visits to Onvia every time the member logs on to the Web.

In addition, the customizable browser allows Onvia’s logo to remain in the frameset while members search the Web.

According to Frank Barbieri, vice president of business development, the company’s goal is to help small businesses efficiently buy and sell products and services. Barbieri believes that the addition of the service to new small businesses will help them do just that.

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