Disbarred Lawyer on DoJ’s Watch

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) asked a South Carolina federal court
Thursday to stop a disbarred attorney from selling alleged tax-fraud schemes
over the Internet.

According to the DoJ, Robert Clarkson, who has twice been convicted of
federal tax-related crimes, uses the Internet to sell materials containing
instructions and tactics to help customers illegally evade federal taxes.

The complaint also seeks a court order requiring Clarkson to provide the
government with his customers’ names, mailing and e-mail addresses, and telephone
and Social Security numbers.

“Any plan purporting to eliminate your obligations under the tax laws is a
scam,” Eileen J. O’Connor, assistant attorney general for the DoJ’s Tax
Division, said in a statement.

Operating under the “Patriot Network,” Clarkson allegedly sells through a
Web site he operates several how-to guides on illegally evading federal
taxes, charging $55 to $300 per guide.

One guide, the “Un-taxing Packet,” allegedly contains form letters to
government officials that Clarkson claims can be used to remove any tax

The DoJ also claims Clarkson uses his Web site to advise his customers to
obstruct IRS investigations.

The civil injunction is part of an effort by the government to stop the
promotion of tax scams and the preparation and filing of false and
fraudulent returns.

The DoJ has obtained injunctions against more than 100 promoters and tax
preparers since 2001.

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