German Company Leads UMS Market in Europe

STRATO-AG, a subsidiary of the TELES group, has taken the lead in the
European market in Unified Messaging Services (UMS), one of the most
successful value-added Internet services (VAIS) in the US.

The company has signed a far-reaching cooperative agreement with UMS
developer GeoNet,
a subsidiary of the German Alternative Services Provider, TelDaFax-AG.

The TELES group, the “ISDN market maker,” has its headquarters in Berlin
and operates internationally, with activities in France, Italy, Holland,
and China. It has successfully managed to get applications such as Internet
surfing and PC home-banking to switch to using the ISDN data highway.

A far-reaching alliance with Intershop-AG, Jena/Hamburg, has also seen the
TELES group, through STRATO, intensify its activities in the area of
e-commerce. This makes STRATO Europe’s leading and fastest growing VAISP,
adding 12,000 customers a month.

The UMS facility is available without fee for the 60.000+ STRATO customers
and is only DEM 10 per month for other Internet users. The package
integrates e-mails, cell phones and faxes. A digital answering machine
receives voice messages and converts them to e-mail. The system can also
incorporate a ‘message center’ on the server with Internet access.

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