Handwritten E-Mail Solution for Pocket PCs in Beta

A beta version of riteMail for Pocket PC is now available, according to a report yesterday from Parascript’s Pen&Internet division. The recently formed Pen&Internet division of Parascript LLC first launched a version of riteMail for Java-enabled computing platforms at PC Expo earlier this year.

riteMail for Pocket PC, like its desktop counterpart, is designed to enable users to send handwritten messages, diagrams, and drawings via e-mail to and from Pocket PCs.

According to Parascript, Pocket PC users can take, store, communicate, and receive business notes and messages in any language, in their own handwriting. The company claims that there is no learning curve or training required to use the products. The ‘digital ink’ is available in 32 colors and varying line widths.

An interesting feature of riteMail is riteShape, which uses automatic shape smoothing technology to accurately recognize and automatically enhance hand-drawn diagrams and drawings. Examples of the technology are demonstrated at Parascript’s Interactive Gallery. The technology instantly perfects lines, quadrangles, ovals, arrows and other shapes.

Messages written with riteMail are interactive, not static. The application automatically expands writing space to accommodate new content and drawings in riteMail messages.

Recipients of riteMail messages do not need any special viewers or add-ons to read messages. Messages are displayed in the body of regular e-mail with clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, and Eudora.

Matthew Peretz is senior editor of InternetNews.com sister site, allNetDevices.

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