IAB Germany and dmmv Merge

Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), Germany, and the German multimedia association dmmv will merge July 1 to make dmmv IAB’s German platform, targeting generic online marketing.

IAB, which defines standards for the Internet as an advertising platform, founded IAB Germany 18 months ago. dmmv was previously involved in the definition of parameters for the Information Association for Measuring the Expansion of the Advertising Media and the establishment, development and operation of the online media databank (OMDB). It has a leading position in Germany in this area.

International developments and efficiency have brought the boards of the IAB and dmmv together under the dmmv flag. The latter will become IAB’s platform in Germany. IAB will be the international platform for dmmv in online advertising and will use its influence for this purpose.

“It is a clear win-win-situation for both parties,” said Paulus Neef, president of dmmv. “We are happy that we have been able to form a joint international advertising platform for our members. The merger means an increase in international relationships for the association.”

“IAB is extremely active internationally and forms the ideal base for dmmv,” said Marcus Riecke, chairman of the board of IAB Germany.”

For their part, dmmv has achieved a clear position in Germany which we as an interest group for online advertisers can only support.

“Now, the object of the exercise is further and effectively to reinforce this position in respect of other influences and to run generic marketing for the Internet.”

The new seat on dmmv’s board for IAB will be taken by Arnd Groth (Doubleclick GmbH Deutschland, Hamburg). Members of IAB will become members of the dmmv. Both organizations number the major players in the industry in their respective constituencies.

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