Internet Market Close Report for 1998.03.02

ISDEX & Market Moves

  • CMG Info (NASDAQ:CMGI) gets a favorable piece in the Wall Street Journal, which asked us our thoughts on CMGI, basically the same thought we’ve had for three years on CMGI–it’s a a public venture firm full of off-balance sheet Internet investments, the parts worth potentially more than the whole. The question is, will investors ever see payday for those more than one dozen investments? Bring those to liquidity for investors and then it may get more interesting.

  • (NASDAQ:AMZN) is downgraded by Everens to ‘market perform’ from ‘market outperform.’ AMZN shares hover in record territory as a pent up investor demand looks for ways to ride the e-commerce train. So far few, if any, have matched Amazon’s innovation in this space. It defined e-tailing. Now if it can transition from a one-product outfit as it tries to promote music sales also now. Both books and music, however, are not fat margin businesses. Volume matters here, sheer volume.

  • AOL (NYSE:AOL) reports its personal finance area on AOL grows 70% in the past year with five million AOLers fetching more than 60 million stock quotes per day. Some 10,000 new users begin using its quotes and portfolio service each day. We think it’ll be tough to catch AOL in many areas, if there are any rivals that can. Those that remain, that is. CompuServe has been absorbed, Prodigy focuses on access and MSN seems to switch strategy every week. Perhaps only the vast Web could threaten AOL. So far AOL has been the Web’s biggest portal however.

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