Mining Co., SportsLine Score Content Deal

Internet guide provider The Mining Co. today announced a co-branding alliance with CBS SportsLine publisher SportsLine USA, Inc.

Under the partnership, a jointly produced, co-branded section will reside on the SportsLine site featuring news and information about recreational sports such as running, fishing, bicycling and boating.

The area also displays a CBS SportsLine scoreboard containing daily SportLine features, and Mining Co. links on the page will take readers to sports areas residing within The Mining Co. network. In addition, advertising banners promoting the co-branded page and The Mining Co. will be placed in strategic locations of CBS SportsLine.

“This relationship is a win-win for both The Mining Co. and
CBS SportsLine,” said Michael Levy, president and CEO of SportsLine USA, Inc.
“Our users have come to rely on us to
provide them with the most current, in-depth sports information on the
Internet. This joint effort enables us to extend our broad sports reach into
new content areas while bringing additional traffic to The Mining Co.’s
recreational sports pages.”

A subsidiary of General Internet Inc., The Mining Co. network contains 500 branded Web sites offering guidance on 12,000 topics through subject specialists or “guides.” The New York City-based company lists strategic relationships with AT&T WorldNet, BellSouth, Citibank, EarthLink, LookSmart, Microsoft, NBC, Netcom, Netscape, and Pointcast.

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