Music Site to Give Away CDs

Australian online music retailer ChaosMusic is seeking to drive consumer interest in its first major promotional campaign that will give away AUS$30,000 (US$18,000) worth of music.

This marketing exercise is a reinvestment of some of the AUS$3.1 million (US$1.9 million) the retailer recently raised from FTR Holdings, local leisure promoter Sports and Entertainment Limited (SEL), Australian finance company Allco Finance, and advertising network The Issues and Images Group.

The promotion will span three weeks and will be composed of two explicitly consumer-oriented competitions, ‘Spam-a-Friend’ and ‘ChaosCustomer’.

‘Spam-a-Friend’ encourages existing members to sign up their friends, by offering new members and those by whom they have been referred to Chaos daily chances to win AUS$500 (US$750) worth of ChaosCash, which can be used to purchase the retailer’s products.

The ‘ChaosCustomer’ promotion offers weekly prizes of AUS$1000 (US$600) in ChaosCash to customers who can suggest site improvements in less than 12 words or less.

According to Chaos VP marketing and sales Victoria Doidge, the campaign is part of an unabashed project to augment mainstream consumer support.

“We have used support from mainstream groups like SEL to quell our alternative tag [which we have attracted through supporting independent artists],” she said.

Australian ISP OzEmail, which has a 28 per cent stake in Chaos, has already helped to drive some of this ‘mainstream’ traffic to Chaos through links at its site, acting as an incubator in which the retailer could grow.
With its first major marketing campaign though, Ms Doidge said Chaos is seeking to push its Australian product and the artists it hosts to a wider audience.

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