Netscape Australia is Victim of Attempted Fraud

Netscape Australia and a West-Australian ISP that asked to remain anonymous have been the subject of an attempted e-mail fraud throughout the end of July and the beginning of August this year.

A representative of the target ISP said it was similar to a racket tried on the Yahoo! mail service.

The perpetrators attempted to sell a new Netscape product called Netscape Netcentre that reportedly enabled the Communicator browser to run faster and simplified online communication.

While the e-mail suggested a price for this software, it was offered to
registered ISP users for free. The e-mail then asked users to supply their
current username and password if they wished to take advantage of this

The perpetrators apparently acquired an e-mail list of current users to enact the scheme. They further used a ‘’ address from
Netscape’s new Webmail service to create the illusion that the e-mail was official.

While no charges have yet been made, Netscape management is investigating the case.

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