Paying Through Your TV

Interactive digital television has been on the minds of many marketers for many years now, yet a number of problems seem to plague its progression. One such issue is digital commerce management.

Qpass yesterday announced an agreement aimed at solving this problem. The Seattle-based company will integrate their Connected Commerce Platform and eWallet transaction services with the SpotOn interactive digital TV advertising service from Silicon Alley-based ACTV subsidiary Digital ADCO, Inc.

As part of the inter-operability agreement, the companies will integrate ACTV’s proprietary software-based technologies that serve as the foundation of the SpotOn service with Qpass’ digital commerce transactional infrastructure applications.

Incorporating the two technologies will enable network operators who deploy SpotOn to have access to a secure commerce infrastructure to support TV-commerce transactions between integrated online merchants and their customers.

“Addressable, interactive TV advertising represents a huge, untapped revenue opportunity for network operators, marketers, and merchants,” says Chase Franklin, co-founder and CEO of Qpass. “We’re excited to be working with (ACTV) to provide a commerce infrastructure for interactive television that will make it as easy as possible for digital subscribers to buy goods and services directly from the ads they see on their TV.”

The Qpass commerce services will eliminate the need for digital subscribers to enter personal or credit card information with each transaction, or with each individual merchant advertiser.

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