Russian Company Leases Satellite for TV, Internet

[London, ENGLAND] Russian pay-TV broadcaster
launched a TV service that includes
high-speed Internet access via the new W4 satellite
operated by EUTELSAT.

With the new satellite service, Media-Most is
expanding its own NTV-Plus pay-TV services which
it introduced in Russia in 1996. Among its
40 TV channels is an international line-up that
includes BBC World, Euronews, Eurosport, Hallmark,
Fox Kids, Discovery, Fashion TV, MTV Russia, and
CNN International.

Vladimir Goussinsky, chairman of Media-Most,
spoke of his company’s longstanding relationship
with EUTELSAT and said the new satellite made possible
a valuable extension of Media-Most’s services.

“The launch of W4 provides additional opportunities
for the DTH business of Media-Most, bringing to the
Russian audience an expanded NTV+ package of news,
film and entertainment channels and Internet services,”
said Goussinsky.

EUTELSAT is one of the largest satellite operators
in the world with a total of 17 satellites currently
in orbit. Together, they broadcast 700 analog and
digital TV channels while also carrying high-speed
Internet connections and Internet backbone traffic.

EUTELSAT Director General Giuliano Berretta said the
Russian market is poised to enter a new phase of
expansion into digital TV and Internet services. He
believed that the new W4 would be an important
vehicle for serving this market.

“EUTELSAT already enjoys a strong business relationship
with Media-Most through the delivery on a HOT BIRD
satellite of NTV channels to European countries outside
Russia. We are very excited by the prospect of taking
this venture further by serving Russia’s domestic needs,”
said Berretta.

Media-Most’s NTV-Plus services currently reach a
subscriber base of 110,000 homes in Russia. The company
is leasing 16 transponders on W4, positioned at
36 degrees east, to broadcast its services.

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