Tableau Looks to Simplify BI Software

Anytime a company promises a 100-fold increase in the performance of its flagship product, you know it’s hoping to make a splash.

That’s exactly what Tableau Software is looking to do with its new business-intelligence offering, which, released in version 6 this week, now offers a new data engine that “achieves instant query response on hundreds of millions of data rows.”

Tableau is touting its latest release as delivering the intuitive, user-friendly interface that business users have long complained is missing from current BI offerings. eCRM Guide takes a look.

Business intelligence software is notoriously complex and can be difficult to use besides being resource-intensive.

Tableau Software this week announced the release of version 6 of the company’s business intelligence software of the same name, which was designed for easy use, intuitive graphics, and high performance.

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Tableau Soups Up Its Business Intelligence Software

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