Web-Wide Shopping Service Launched

DealTime.com launched an online shopping
service that enables consumers to search the entire Web, including auction
sites, for the products they want at the prices they want to pay.

DealTime.com said it has the ability to track consumer deals over time and
alert them to new deals that match their product selections using several
methods, including its patent-pending Desktop Notifier. Consumers no longer
have to comb the Web
continuously for their best deals — DealTime.com does it for them, the
company said.

Visitors to DealTime.com simply select the product they want to purchase,
indicating manufacturer, model, and other product specifications and then
name their pricing requirements. DealTime.com proceeds to do the legwork,
returning matches and directing shoppers to the online retailers where their
products can be purchased.

If a match is not immediately found or a consumer wants to wait for a better
offer, DealTime.com, through its continuous search and notification capabilities,
can track deals over time and immediately notify consumers of additional
deals that meet their product selections.

DealTime.com offers several notification methods, including pager, e-mail
and the unique Desktop Notifier, software that alerts consumers of their
deals with an unobtrusive blinking or beeping icon on the desktop.

“The excitement of the expanding e-commerce market provides consumers with
easy access to an unprecedented number of products, yet this seeming
abundance can make comparative shopping time consuming and confusing,” said
Dan Ciporin, CEO of DealTime.com. “DealTime.com allows consumers to save time
shopping for everything from golf clubs to computers and also get the most
for their money.”

DealTime.com said its business model is based upon a combination of
advertising sponsorships, merchant fees for enhanced services and e-commerce ventures.
The DealTime.com Desktop Notifier offers a targeted advertising environment,
providing retailers with direct access to consumers when they are most
prepared to buy, the company said.

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