Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 Released with MySQL 5.5

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, first released in 2007, is no longer the leading edge of Red Hat’s Linux efforts. Red Hat has been updating RHEL 5 regularly as part of the operating system’s 10-year supported lifespan. RHEL 5.9 was released in January.

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is now in Production Phase 2 where stability for mission-critical deployments is paramount,” Ron Pacheco, senior manager, platform product management at Red Hat, told eWEEK. “In Production Phase 2, we focus on qualified critical and important security errata advisories, and urgent priority bug-fix errata advisories may be released as they become available.”

The plan for Product Phase 2 is that new software functionality is not added to the product during the phase. Rather, new software functionality lands in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x product line, which debuted in 2010. That said, Red Hat has decided to update the open-source MySQL database server version that is available to RHEL 5.x customers.

“We elected to help preserve the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 customer base’s investment in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and open-source databases by updating from MySQL 5.0x to MySQL 5.5, which was the most stable version available during the development window.”

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