Schooner Improves MySQL Replication

Oracle’s (NASDAQ:ORCL) recent MySQL 5.5 update introduced semi-synchronous replication to the open source database. According to memecached software vendor Schooner, semi-synchronous is not enough.

Schooner is now debuting its Active Cluster for MySQL technology which aims to deliver fully synchronous replication.

“We have fully synchronous replication and we have a license from Oracle for MySQL and InnoDB, and what we do is we heavily modify those technologies to be able to fully scale up with cores and use flash memory,” Schooner CTO John Busch told”So at any point in time, all of the slaves have exactly the same state.”

Busch added that Schooner also enhances MySQL by replicating data from master to slave nodes as database transactions are occurring. He noted that Active Cluster does not commit a transaction until the action has been replicated to all of the slave nodes.

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Schooner Releases Active Cluster for MySQL

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